We MUST ask God to FORGIVE US for the Crime Against Humanity of voting for Mass-Murderers as our Lawmakers.

Those who have voted for Pro-ChildKilling Abortion Mass-Murderer politicians (as well as those those first-time candidates who PROMISE to SUPPORT the Genocidal Mass-Murder of innocent defenseless pre-born PERSONS) AND those of us who have by the grace of God not stained our hands at the voting booth doing that cowardly act, must, I repeat, MUST pray this prayer. This prayer should be recited in EVERY CATHOLIC CHURCH in EVERY COUNTRY (not just America) because through the voting booth, many have become COMPLICIT in the Murder of Innocent, Defenseless Persons in their own country, which is a sign they don't REALLY love God and neighbor. Sadly, MANY Catholic Priests in our country need to pray this prayer, with deep tears of compunction in their eyes.   How sad it is when Judas Priests TURN ON the most innocent members of their parishes by publicly declaring Child-Murder O.K. by their voting for Maniacal Mass-Murdering Pro-ChildKilling Abortion Politicians